5 Complications Associated with LASIK Surgery

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Lasik complication

If you are a wearer of glasses or contact lenses then you have probably looked into the possibility of getting LASIK eye surgery performed. This surgery has become increasingly popular as the costs associated with it have come down and the number of doctors performing it has gone up. While you are looking into have the procedure done, be sure to check out the complications that can arise from this, mostly uncomplicated, surgery.

1- The most obvious danger with any surgery that is being performed on your eyes is the loss of sight.

This is also true with LASIK eye surgery, although it is not a very common consequence. A more common issue with this procedure is actually the partial loss of vision. This includes losing bands of sight on the reading chart, if this happens the use of glasses or contacts will not be able to correct the situation.

2- There are a fair amount of people that complain of distorted vision as a result of the LASIK procedure being performed.

These complications include seeing halos around objects, blurred vision, and an increased difficulty seeing in adverse conditions such as nighttime or foggy weather. This is because of the diminishing contrasts in colors in these types of situations.

3- Another common complication that can arise from the LASIK surgery is the condition known as dry eye.

This is when the eye does not produce enough tears to keep the eye moist. There are people that have this issue without ever having LASIK surgery; however, there is a very high incident rate among recent patients after the surgery. Most people do experience some relief from dry eye after about a month or so into the healing process. However, for most patients, the symptoms do not disappear entirely.

4- Be sure to consider corrective eyewear will no longer be an effective solution.

It is important to note that if any of these complications do arise because of your decision to get the LASIK surgery done on your eyes, that corrective eyewear will no longer be an effective solution to your vision dilemmas.

5- Talk to your surgeon about all of the risks that are associated with the LASIK surgery.

You will need to weigh them against the potential gains in your self-esteem and even perhaps the future savings of not having to purchase glasses or contact lenses. Your doctor will be happy to talk to you about these potential problems and let you know how you can help to avoid having them happen to you. About the author:John Mancini has been writing about Eye Surgery online and offline for a long time.

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We have selected this lasik article to help give you the information on lasik surgery you need to make a wise choice. Not everyone is a good canididate for the lasik procedure, those who have had lasik are generally ecstatic over the results.

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